World Riichi Championship Rules 2015

Rule Book

Sylvain Malbec

This rule book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
It reuses some text from the EMA Riichi rule book by Tina Christensen.


The World Riichi Championship Rules cannot be called to be a "world-wide rule" if not based on competition rules used by major organizations around the world. To achieve that, the rule-sets of the following organizations have been considered while writing the WRCR:
• European Mahjong Association
• 101101競技規定
• Japan Professional Mahjong League日本プロ麻雀連盟
• Korean Mahjong League한국마작연맹은
• Mu Mahjongµ! 麻将連合
• Nihon Pro Mahjong日本プロ麻雀協会
• Real Mahjong Unit
• Saikouisen最高位戦
• United States Professional Mahjong League

Nine organizations, totalling thirteen rule-sets and variants.

Most English-language authors use the terms "chii" and "pon" irrespectively if the group is melded or concealed. This is confusing, since in Japanese language those terms refer only to the action of calling a tile for melding. Considering world championships aim to an international audience, and this document being written in English, the terms "chow", "pung" and "kong" will be used to refer to the corresponding groups since they are already widespread among English speakers and avoid any ambiguity.

The rule has been revised on behalf of the World Riichi Championship Committee:
• David BresnickPresident of the USPML
• Garthe NelsonProfessional Mahjong Player (JPML)
• Gemma SakamotoChairwoman
• Jenn BarrProfessional Mahjong Player (JPML)
• Martin RepAdvisor
• Scott D. MillerEditor of Mahjong News and mahjong scholar
• Shigekazu MoriyamaPresident of the Japan Professional Mahjong League
• Sylvain MalbecAuthor of the World Riichi Championship Rules
• Tina ChristensenPresident of the European Mahjong Association

Blessing of Man is no longer cumulative with other yakus, the precedence and timing for declarations have been reviewed, penalties adjusted, and a lot of the text re-worded.

Sylvain Malbec
30 December 2013
21 May 2014
On behalf of the World Riichi Championship Committee:
16 June 2015