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dirChinese Mahjong Competition Rules (MCR)
regularBeyond the Green Bookpdf[en]
Comments about MCR 2006.
regularExplanation of Mahjong Competition Rulesdoc[en]
regularMCR 1998pdf[en]pdf[fr]pdf[ja]pdf[zh]
regularMCR 2006pdf[en]pdf[es]pdf[zh]
starMCR 2014pdf[zh][en][ja]pdf[en]pdf[fr]pdf[zh]
regularMERS Penalties overview (MCR 2006)pdf[en]
regularMERS Tournament regulations (MCR 2006)pdf[en]pdf[es]
regularMJ International (MCR 1998)pdf[fr]
regularMJ International (MCR 2006)pdf[fr]
regularDaina Chiba - Riichi Book 1pdf[en]
regularEMA Riichi Rules 2008pdf[en]pdf[es]pdf[fr]pdf[pl]
regularEMA Riichi Rules 2012pdf[en]pdf[fr]
regularEMA Riichi Rules 2016 (2015-12)pdf[en]pdf[nl]pdf[ru]
regularEMA Riichi Rules 2016 (2016-04)pdf[en]
regularWRC Rules 2015 - Clarifications (2017-10)pdf[en]pdf[ja]
regularWRC Rules 2015 - Overview (2017-10)pdf[en][ja]
regularWorld Riichi Championship Rules 2014 (2013-12)pdf[en]
regularWorld Riichi Championship Rules 2014 (2014-05)pdf[en]
starWorld Riichi Championship Rules 2015pdf[en]pdf[fr]